Stewart Sands

Student President -

Hey, I’m Stewart, and I’m your re-elected Student President for 2018/19! My job is to help you make the most of your time at university and ensure that the student body has a strong voice at QMU.

But what does a Student President actually do..?

I work closely with the union staff team and the Board of Trustees to manage the Students' Union with the best interests of our students at heart. I also sit on various boards and committees within the university such as Court, Senate and the Student Experience Committee, to make sure that you are fairly represented in the university’s decisions and actions.

How can we make our voices heard..?

There are lots of ways for you to share your thoughts and ideas. You can speak to your Class Reps, your elected Student Officers, and attend our student feedback forums which take place throughout the year. You can also get in touch with me directly by email, on Facebook, or pop up to the SU office anytime, our door is always open.

 Stewart Qmusu Pres



Rebecca Wilson

Student Vice-President -

I’m Rebecca, your Student Vice-President for 2018/19. Your 1st year is all about making friends, learning loads and of course, having fun, and what better way to do it all than to join a Sports Team or Society! At QMU we have loads to choose from, check out the S&S section of the guide to see what they are! My job is to support our teams and their members.

   Rebecca Wilson QMUSU VP




Feel free to contact your Student Officers if you have any questions. Please be aware that they are part-time and may not be able to respond to all emails. If your message is urgent or for general enquiries, contact


Mhairi Menzies

Welfare Officer - 

Hi, I’m Mhairi and I’m in my 3rd year of studying Theatre and Film. After being in the position of Equality and Diversity Officer last year, I want to spend my time as Welfare Officer helping to provide even better support for students and raising more awareness of mental health issues.


Emily Frood

Equality & Diversity Officer -

G’day! My name’s Emily Frood, and I’m in my third year studying Film and Media. After spending time as a class rep, I knew I wanted to be more involved in supporting students from all walks of life. That’s why I became Equality and Diversity Officer; to make sure the diversity of the student body is recognised and supported, and to treat each student with dignity and respect.


Andy White

Sports Officer -

Hey I’m Andy, your Sports Officer for the second year running. I’m here to help Rebecca with the provision of a wide and diverse range of sport for all across the Uni. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.


Louise Duncan

Societies Officer -

Hello, I am Louise 3rd year Film and media student. I want to get as many people to have the same positive and supported experience I had for societies and their events.  It's such a key part of the university life and the friends you make there are friends for life.


Juliana Vasconcelos

Events Officer -

Hey, I am Juliana and I’m in my 3rd year of studying Events Management. As an Events Officer I want to help supporting and delivering high-quality events for all QMU students. By developing, suggesting and implementing event ideas I’d like to create an engaging and inclusive environment for students and make a difference to their experience at QMU.


Olivia Gibson

Student Engagement Officer -

Hi, I'm Olivia and I am currently in 3rd year studying PR, Marketing and Events. I hope as Student Engagement Officer I can help promote engagement with the SU and the students of the university. Feel free to drop me an email or come and chat!


Hezzy Olateru

Postgraduate Officer -

Hello, I am Hezzy studying for a Masters. I'm here to represent the interests and ideas of postgrads in the Students' Union and to foster a great university experience for students. Feel free to contact me via my email.






Registered address: The Students' Union, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, EH21 6UU              

Telephone: 0131 474 0000