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Joining a Sport or Society at QMU is a great chance to meet new people, learn new skils and compete or perform individually or as part of a Team or Club.

All full list of our current Sports and Societies can be found by navigating to

Membership of all S&S at QMU can only be joined through the Student Union website. Once you have found a Team or Club which you wish to join please follow the below instructions.


1.Click on the Sport or Society Page you would like to join
2.Fill in your details
3.Sign up to our code of Conduct
4.Pay for your membership and insurance.


Please ensure that all potential and returning members, know that this is the only way to join / re-join.


Please ensure all students know that if they are joining more than one Sports or Society, that they join the Club with the highest risk first and then complete the online form to join a second or third Club.


High Risk

Women's Volleyball, Gymnastics, Basketball 1st and 2nd, Cheerleading, Dance, Equestrian, Men’s Football, Men’s Rugby, Netball, Snowsports, Women’s Basketball, Women’s Football, Women’s Gaelic Football, Women’s Hockey, Women' Rugby Team


Medium Risk

Badminton, Musical Theatre, Running Society, Tennis, Good Food Society, Cobra, Comedy.


Low Risk

African Caribbean Society, Anime, Art Society, Christian Union, Coppafeel, Dementia Friends, Dietetics, Film Making, First Aid Africa, Gaming Society, Intercultural Society, LGBT, Mature, Students, Music Society, Occupational therapy, PAWS, PCMA, Podiatry, PsycSoc, Radiographers, SNP, Student Malawi, Vegan Society, Writer’s Society, QMU Speech Lang Therapist's.


The form can be found by navigating here


The website will store all of the details for members including details and payments made and will enable both the SU and all committees to have a fully accurate and up to date member list.


Please note because of this, the Students Union will no longer accept membership payments in cash at the front desk.


Registered address: The Students' Union, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, EH21 6UU              

Telephone: 0131 474 0000